It started a long time ago, ​a real long time ago!
How long is a long time?

For mankind, about 1.9 million years, and we have been standing upright ever since.

Where did it all start?

I dont believe we know. It may have started somewhere under an Olive Tree, but i'm confident that, wherever it was, they just couldnt wait to get  


If you want some assistance with - "a roof over your head" - or any other Real Property matter, I'd appriciate the opportunity to help.
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  1. Michael Walsh
    Michael Walsh
    Property Agent
    Experienced Real Property Agent who has always been in property, having started as an Architectural Draughtsman with E M DOLLARD PTY LTD in 1960, and soon becoming their Licensed General Builder and Registered land Agent, and have been Licensed and/or Registered in this industry ever since. It's been a great time.